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FLUX is a full-service marketing and strategic communications consulting company, providing expert services to the private and development sector. Our mission is to help clients achieve results – to realize objectives and be successful in emerging markets. Our vision is to harness the power of communication for the goals of development and business


Flux is a development communication firm that brings together some of finest communication professionals from the corporate and development sectors. The company offer development of strategies and action plans, materials design and production, training design and facilitation, communication research and documentation. The Team has skills including creative, production, research, training, documentation, and strategic planning in communication.


At FLUX, our strength is collaboration. We work closely with client marketing and communications teams to develop strategies and tailor solutions to meet client needs. The knowledge and experience of our team is what brings results for our clients and also brings peer respect and industry awards for our company and staff.

We divide our services into three categories; Marketing Services, Strategic Communications Consulting Services and Interactive Services.

Marketing Services encompass our full range of our creative and media services.

Strategic Communications Consulting Services are the services that were once included under the term “public relations,” and includes organizational and marketing strategies, issues management and public affairs.

Interactive Services include “new” media – content available on demand through the internet, accessible on digital devices and enabling interactive user feedback and dialogue.

Capacity Building / Training

We design and deliver quality training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills. Our training is highly practical, led by an experienced facilitator who encourages group participation. Each training course is specifically designed to develop soft skills in a fun environment. We have developed training modules based on an element of tailoring to clients’ business requirements.

Our approach is to take time to fully understand your training and development needs, as well as your organization’s culture and developmental aspirations. Our aim is always to offer a personalized training service to our clients, which is in-keeping with their values.

Training specialize in the design to suit individual client needs and budget. As a result, we offer a full range of training consultancy services,

- Training Need Assessment

- Training Module & Curriculum Development

- Training Toolkit & Materials Design & Development

- Training Facilitation (Both in-class and on-the-job) and Documentation

Survey/ Research

We provide a wide range of qualitative and quantitative survey/research services focusing on all critical aspects of an industry/sector. Our survey/research services include primary and secondary data collection and analysis, qualitative interviews, focus group discussions with key informants and a broad range of custom surveys to meet the specific need our valued clients. We are specialized in conducting:

- Comprehensive market research/surveys on multiple platforms telephone, mail, web, direct interview, group meeting or any combination.

- Value Cain Assessment to design market development interventions through in-depth analysis of constraints and opportunities of an industry

- Expert Analysis for new businesses looking to enter a market or existing businesses seeking to venture into new areas

- Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty Survey

Agriculture Value Chain

Flux has considerable experience in the Agro Value Chain designing and development. We have worked with different agro processors, agro input suppliers, to producers (farmers). Our strength is to work thoroughly with every step of this value chain.

- Market linkage (Liaison with food processors, suppliers and retail market)

- Managing contract growing program

- Implement food safety program as per buyers’ requirements

- Agriculture value chain assessment

Project Management

We are a great believer of Project Management concept and this is being practiced since the inception of our company. Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager from the day one. Adequate trainings are given to the team on a continuous basis to manage projects efficiently.

Other Consulting Services

- Information and Communication Material Development

- Database Development and Management

- Workshop Moderation & Documentation

- Event Planning & Management (workshop, seminar, roundtable, study tours etc.


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The impressive client-base of FLUX ranges from MSMEs to MNCs in the private sector, financial institutions, business associations, education institutions, national & international NGOs, government organizations and development/donor agencies. We work closely with our clients to tell these stories through a mix of traditional and cutting-edge communication approaches.


Training toolkit (Flip chart) based on Bangladesh Labour Laws for RMG sector of Bangladesh- Funded by GIZ-PSES

Client: SEAF Bangladesh

Product: Clients Prtfolio

Client: Bayleaf Restaurant

Product: Flyer

Client: GIZ/ Product: Posters

Awareness raising posters based on Bangladesh Labour Laws, Occupational Health & Safety and international good practices for Leather and Tannery sector of Bangladesh – Funded by GIZ-PSES •

Client: GIZ/ Product: Posters

Awareness raising posters based on Bangladesh Labour Laws, Occupational Health & Safety and international good practices for Leather and Tannery sector of Bangladesh – Funded by GIZ-PSES •

Client: Nagar Homes Limited/Product: Website

Nagar Homes Limited

Client: GIZ/ Product: Posters

Awareness raising posters based on Bangladesh Labour Laws for RMG sector of Bangladesh – Funded by GIZ-PSES •

Client: Altec Consultant Ltd/ Product: Website

Altec Consultant Ltd

Client: Creative Pathways/ Product: Website

Creative Pathways

Client: Business Edge- IFC/ Product: Training

Business Edge- Robi Axiata: Retail Value Chain Development Program
IFC funded training project aiming to help mobile operator Robi to increase its mobile data and VAS subscribers through better marketing, customer service and management practices of Robi retailers.

Client: Pally Bikash Kendra (PBK)/ Product: Website

Pally Bikash Kendra (PBK)

Client: Bayleaf Restaurant/ Product: Website

Bayleaf Restaurant

Client: Abdur Razzaq Foundation/ Product: Website

Abdur Razzaq Foundation


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